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Cover des Buches The Wizard of Oz (ISBN: 9780141341736)
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Rezension zu "The Wizard of Oz" von Lyman Fr. Baum

Gutes Buch
AuroraMvor 2 Jahren

Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht es zu lesen. Wer sich für Klassiker interessiert, dem kann ich es nur empfehlen.

Cover des Buches The Wizard of Oz (ISBN: 9780141341736)
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Rezension zu "The Wizard of Oz" von Lyman Fr. Baum

Wizard of Oz
butterflyintheskyvor 4 Jahren

I got a edition which contains the books #1, #6 and #14. I've only read the first one, the original Wizard of Oz story and it was ... okay. I expected a little better for such a well loved and known story. (fun fact, this was the first time reading it and I've never seen the movie!). The World of Oz itself sounds amazing, I love the characters / protagonists as well but something was missing. Definitely will not be continuing the story.

Cover des Buches The Wizard of Oz (ISBN: 9780141341736)
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Rezension zu "The Wizard of Oz" von Lyman Fr. Baum

Friends will make the hardest journey worthwhile
AnasBuchsammlungvor 6 Jahren

Dorothy lives in Kansas, together with her Aunt Em, her Uncle Henry and her beloved little dog Toto. They lead a good life, working out on their farm every day. Not much can disturb their quiet existence. They only have to watch out for cyclones that sweep across the country every now and then. When a cyclone comes along, the whole family has to hide in a little cellar underneath the house. But one day, Dorothy and Toto don't make it to the cellar in time. They are lifted up into the air, together with the whole house, and carried away by the dangerous gusts of wind. Being rocked back and forth by the wind while they fly through the sky, Dorothy finally falls asleep. When she wakes, she finds herself in a strange land, surrounded by small men and a little witch. As Dorothy asks the witch on how to get back home to Kansas, she points her towards the mysterious land of the Great Wizard Oz. And with a kiss on her forehead, the witch sends Dorothy her way. On her peculiar journey, Dorothy shall meet lots of queer people and good friends like the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion. Each of them does their part in helping Dorothy get to the emerald land of Oz and find a way to get back home.

This story really warmed my heart. It is so full of wisdom and advice that you can hardly discover all the little hints throughout the novel. Every single character is unique and is able to teach the reader something. My copy is now full of markers so I can read through different parts of the story again. I feel like this is a wonderful tale for children and adults alike. Everybody can learn something from it - and you should definitely read it!

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