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The Vampire Shrink
NR 1

The Vampire Shrink


Erscheinungsdatum: 28.10.2007

Vampires don't exist . . . do they? Kismet Knight, a brainy Denver-based psychologist with a stalled career and a nonexistent love life, is about to have her world rocked. Not only does her newest client, Midnight, long to become a vampire, but the teenager insists that a coven of the undead hangs out at a local Goth club. The always-rational Kismet dismisses Midnight's claims as the delusions of an attention-starved girl – until bodies start turning up drained of blood and the hottest...

Blood Therapy
NR 2

Blood Therapy


Erscheinungsdatum: 13.09.2012

Kismet Knight is a psychologist with an unusual client basis: she counsels the undead. She is the Vampire Shrink.

Crimson Psyche
NR 3

Crimson Psyche


Erscheinungsdatum: 17.07.2015

Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight counsels vampires. Her life changed forever when she discovered a preternatural underworld and became involved with gorgeous eight-centuries-old Devereux, the powerful leader of a vampire coven. Still adjusting to her new role as an expert on all things paranormal - as well as her unexpected notoriety and new clientele - Kismet schedules what she believes is simply another radio interview. She couldn't be more mistaken. Not only does the radio host behave...