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Ganz so, als hätte ACD es selbst geschrieben. Witzig. Spannend. Holmes perfekt getroffen in einem schweren Fall: Wer ist Jack the Ripper?

— franzzi
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  • Holmes in Bestform - und Jack the Ripper auch

    Dust and Shadow


    Das ist er. Sherlock Holmes. So, wie Arthur Conan Doyle ihn erdachte. Und das ist John Watsons Erzählstimme, ganz eindeutig. Er berichtet von einem Holmes-Fall, der überaus reale Hintergründe hat - und eigentlich nie geklärt wurde. Aber in diesem Roman wird er geklärt. Vom echtesten aller Sherlock Holmes'. Seine Schnüffelei durch das East End stammt jedoch nicht aus der Feder von ACD - sondern aus der von Lyndsay Faye. Ein wunderbares Geschenk für alle Holmesianer. Wir sind wieder im viktorianischen London, es ist neblig und es ist düster. Holmes schwankt zwischen maulig und hochgradig witzig - er verfällt abwechselnd in Langeweile, Ermittlerfieber und Selbstgeißelung. Denn der Fall scheint unlösbar zu sein, selbst für ihn. Faye setzt den größten aller Detektive auf einen der mysteriösesten Serienkiller an: Jack the Ripper, der Mann, der in den unerleuchteten nächtllichen Straßen scheinbar wahllos Frauen nicht nur umbringt, sondern bestialisch zerfleischt. Lestrade, der gewichtige Holmes-Bruder Mycroft, sie alle klopfen an der Baker Street 221b und bitten Holmes, unter allen Umständen zu lösen. Allerdings gibt es schon bald ein Problem: Ein Boulevardblatt  legt sich schnell auf einen Verdächtigen fest, der im East End neuerdings ein und aus geht: Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Mancher mag es Fan Fiction nennen, aber es ist eine perfekte Form davon. Es ist wunderbare Literatur. Eine perfekte Kopie der Originalcharaktere und des Erzähltons vermischt mit einem spannenden eigenen Plot, klug eingewebten historischen Fakten und eigenen Charakteren wie der einnehmenden Mit-Ermittlerin Mary Monk. Unbedingte Leseempfehlung  - allerdings wurde Fayes Debütroman bisher nicht ins Deutsche übertragen - obwohl viele ihrer Folgeromane sich auf dem hiesigen Markt bestens verkaufen.

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    Dust and Shadow


    15. January 2014 um 10:07

    Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper. The worlds most famous (consulting) detective hunting Londons most famous serialkiller :D:D:D I love it. It’s 1888, Sherlock Holmes and his friend and roommate Dr. John Watson have just succesfully solved the case of a missing piece of jewelry when Scotland Yard, in person of our well known Inspector Lestrade, is in need of assistance. A woman in Whitechapel was brutally slayed. And she won’t be the last. Immediately, Holmes and Watson start their investigation of the poor womans death. Weeks of fruitless work, more dead women and no serious leads later, the eccentric detective becomes more and more desperate. No progress in finding the killer and the press (or better, one idiot journalist) is starting rumors, that could not only easily destroy the detectives reputation, but send him to the gallows. Who ist this fellow, who calls himself Jack the Ripper and why is he always one step ahead of one of the greatest minds of his time? „Dust and Shadow“ is definitely one of the best Sherlock Holmes novels I read not written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. For me, everything fits. The author did very well in the character departement, Holmes and Watson are like ACD’s originals. In some ways, I like Lyndsay Fayes book even (a little bit!) better than the originals because speach, setting and everything ist still 1888 but it feel’s more … modern, somehow. Faster paced … I can’t really explain it. What I mean to say, even hardcore Sherlock and Watson fans won’t be disappointed by this novel. I also really liked the new invented characters, especially the lovely Miss Monk and the mysterious Mr. Dunlevy. As far as I can tell, the original Ripper case facts are pretty much accurate (as far as they are known) and even Inspector Abbeline, one of the investigators of the real killings, is mentioned. SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! I was pretty sure the Ripper wasn’t the elusive Mr. Blackstone, but I never would have guessed the real perp until the very end :) Or shortly before maybe. Everybody knows the real Ripper was never apprehended, so I was very intrigued how Ms. Faye solves the case. Very clever, indeed :)

  • Rezension zu "Dust and Shadow" von Lyndsay Faye

    Dust and Shadow

    Valkyrie Kane

    06. December 2012 um 16:41

    Perfect. There really is no other word for it. This book is perfect from the beginning to the end. Watson’s “voice” is spot on, and so is Holmes’. Lyndsay Faye captured both characters expertly and the “Victorian atmosphere” left nothing to be desired. I’d even go so far as to say, that "Dust and Shadow" could as well have been written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, himself. Though – not to sound blasphemous, or anything – I have to admit, that I might like this one even a bit better than (at least some of) ACD’s, because even if it still has a lot of (necessary) extrapolation, it has also a little more dialogue and is a tad more “fast-paced”, if you will, than the original works. It’s by no means “action!Holmes”, though, so I think, that even die-hard ACD-Sherlockians will get their money’s worth. The author also invents supporting characters, which I found all the way enjoyable, especially the enchanting Miss Monk and the (initially) mysterious Mr. Dunlevy. I was also pretty happy to come across a young Dr. Moore Agar once more, who’s introduced in this book for the first time (regarding that this story apparently takes place way before ACD’s “The Devil’s Foot”, in which Holmes and Watson had already made his acquaintance). I’m also glad that Lyndsay Faye decided to use our favourite Inspector Lestrade for this case, and, of course, there just CAN'T be a Sherlock Holmes book without Mrs. Hudson. Since this is a Sherlock-Holmes-and-Jack-the-Ripper story, Inspector Abbeline is at least mentioned, and I’m pretty sure there might be a few other real-life personalities from that particular era I just didn’t recognize. Also: Mycroft. :) **SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS** And even if I knew that it surely couldn’t be the Mr. Blackstone everybody and their mother was going after, I didn’t know, who Jack the Ripper would turn out to be until the “grand revelation” (or very shortly before that). In short, this was one of the best non-ACD Sherlock Holmes novels I’ve ever read, and I dearly hope, that Lyndsay Faye will write more cases for our beloved consulting detective. Absolutely recommended.

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