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Lovely and entertaining
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The blurb says:

The perfect summer romance for a sunny afternoon and a picnic in the park

Emily Reed is having a bad day. Devastated at losing her hard-earned promotion to the ditz who’s sleeping with the boss, her mother drops a devastating bombshell—the dad she’s known and loved for twenty-five years isn’t her biological father.

Now Emily needs answers and a month in Luna Bay should give her the time she needs to find her father, and land the difficult client at the Sunflower Cottage B&B which should put her back in the running for her coveted promotion.

Setting up the Sunflower Cottage breakfast club should be a great way to meet the locals and maybe even find out who her father is! The only problem is that brooding and insanely gorgeous Noah is determined to make Emily’s stay perfectly uncomfortable.

Finding out the truth was never going to be simple, but she never thought her heart would get in the way…


My thoughts:

The Sunflower Cottage Breakfast Club is the second instalment in Lynsey James’ Luna Bay series but it can just as well be read as a standalone. However, if you’ve read its predecessor The Broken Hearts Book Club you will be happy to be reunited with some familiar characters and find out how they’ve fared.

The storyline is interesting and, although slightly predictable, comes with a few twists and turns. I didn’t find all the characters instantly likeable but they grew on me as they developed through the story. In fact, I hope Emily and Noah will make a reappearance in the next Luna Bay book. I particularly liked Emily’s development and the impact the little Yorkshire village had on this big city girl.

All in all The Sunflower Cottage Breakfast Club is a lovely and entertaining read, which will have you laughing out loud at times and possibly even shedding a tear or two. If chick lit’s your thing, you really can’t go wrong with this book!

(3.5 of 5 stars)


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