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Cover des Buches Fantasy and Fairytales: The Complete Series, Books 1-8 (English Edition) (ISBN: B07Y7KD3B1)

Rezension zu "Fantasy and Fairytales: The Complete Series, Books 1-8 (English Edition)" von M Lynn

Who loves Edmund as much as I do?
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 4 Jahren

Ah, I’m fangirling Edmund. I loved his story!

We get to know about his first moments in Madra and how he build his own network of Edmund-adoring companions ;-) I enjoyed being able to delve into his character and to experience the world through his eyes. No Etta-filter or anyone else’s, just pure Edmund.

But most of all, I loved the love story between Edmund and Stev. Hatred turns into love although I think they never truly hated each other. They definitely had to overcome some prejudices and they had an overall rough start but I want to believe that they always knew somehow that they were meant to be. At least I could feel the chemistry right from the start. Forbidden romance is just so bittersweet, sigh.

I’d recommend reading Edmund’s story after the fifth or the sixth book of the Fantasy and Fairytales series. It is not based on a fairytale but is meant for all those who have fallen in love with Edmund throughout the series. If you haven’t yet, you will for sure after having had  a direct peek into his head.

Cover des Buches Glass Kingdom (Fantasy and Fairytales Book 4) (English Edition) (ISBN: B07JM9NX7Q)

Rezension zu "Glass Kingdom (Fantasy and Fairytales Book 4) (English Edition)" von M Lynn

Intriguing version of Cinderella with lovely characters, old and new
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 5 Jahren

A male Cinderella, that was certainly an interesting approach.
As this is a Spin-Off to the Golden trilogy, which I recommend to read before Glass Kingdom if you planned to give it a shot anyway, the world is the same, but we are now observing the happenings in the Madran kingdom. Their customs are pretty fascinating even though they come with a lot of conflicts and problems. One of them is that the princess has to wear a mask until the ball is held where she is supposed to "choose" a husband. Nobody is to see Len but her family. This leads to some entertaining misunderstandings. There is much more to discover, even some bits and pieces of magic.
The most intriguing part of the book though were the characters. I adored them, especially the royal siblings. I could feel their love for each other. They would go through fire and more. It was really touching. Dell has found his way into my heart as well. He is so strong, a bit lost at first, but with the help of our dear, beloved Edmund, he finally gets something he can fight for, a purpose in life. I have been pleasantly surprised that we get to meet Edmund again. He has been one of my favourites. Now I do hope that he will get his happy ending, too, because things ended on a pretty devastating note in general. This kind of betrayal ... I've been so angry I wanted to throw the book at the wall. Obviously, I couldn't do that because you should never mistreat books like that. Now I am very frustrated because there is no other outlet than reading the sequel which will hopefully end in happily ever after. But the sequel is not here yet, sigh. Until then, I can at least recommend this book to you if you love fairytales just as much as I do.


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