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  • Surprising revelations about Rapunzel

    Golden Crown (Fantasy and Fairytales)


    13. September 2018 um 11:42 Rezension zu "Golden Crown (Fantasy and Fairytales)" von M. Lynn

    Ah, I know why I like fairytales so much. No matter what, you know that everything is going to end in happily ever after.I must admit though that I lost hope about three quarters into the story with Etta being more and more controlled by the Basile magic, Alex facing hatred, rebellion and betrayal in his own kingdom and La Dame being the allmighty threat looming over them all. How could it not all end in complete and utter desaster? I honestly could not see a solution which was both preventing doom and being believable. Somehow, ...

  • Surprising developments made me curious for more

    Golden Chains (The True Story of Rapunzel)


    04. September 2018 um 15:55 Rezension zu "Golden Chains (The True Story of Rapunzel)" von M. Lynn

    Happy end, please? I really hope there will be one in the third and last book of the series. Come on, it's based on a fairytale. Happily ever after is a must, and I am making cute puppy dog eyes right now.Begging aside, the book was just as amazing as the first one.Etta and Alex, sigh. Love could be so easy if there weren't so many outer forces at work as well. The kingdom of Gaule is divided into magic people wanting revenge for being persecuted and those people who, out of fear, want to get rid of them once and for all. A very ...

  • Rapunzel in a new dress

    Golden Curse (The True Story of Rapunzel)


    20. August 2018 um 16:23 Rezension zu "Golden Curse (The True Story of Rapunzel)" von M. Lynn

    I love fairytales. Although I have to admit that I am not too familiar with Rapunzel. But I do still know enough to have recognized a few parts where the reference can be seen. I am curious how much else will be included in the following books.I really liked Etta. She is easy to identify with because she is a fighter, loyal to the people she cares about, strong in her beliefs, quick-witted and quite stubborn. As being a woman myself I enjoyed her beating all those men in the tournament that allowed her to become the prince's ...

  • Love conquers all

    Mastery of Earth (Legends of the Tri-Gard)


    11. July 2018 um 19:29 Rezension zu "Mastery of Earth (Legends of the Tri-Gard)" von M. Lynn

    Gosh, I still need some time to recover from that ending, so touching. I have never expected the war between Dreach-Sciene and Dreach-Dhoun to end this way and felt the tears coming up while reading. It was so beautifully tragic and full of hope for the future. I simply loved it.The characters have grown so dear to me. Rissa, Tristan, Alixa, Lorelai, Wren and Davi most of all of course. I could not imagine anyone of them dying but knew that it would be very likely at the same time. They struggled so much, physically and ...

  • An emotional roller coaster

    Legacy of Light (Legends of the Tri-Gard)


    25. April 2018 um 19:27 Rezension zu "Legacy of Light (Legends of the Tri-Gard)" von M. Lynn

    My reading experience with this sequel has been something like this: No, you can't do this. Why the hell are you doing this to them, to us? Yes, I've been involved emotionally very much. Those poor characters. I adore them a lot and the evil authors make their lives a living nightmare. Shame on them! I had to put the book down for several days in order to cool off a bit. This always happens to me when there is a particular event I try very hard to convince myself of that it simply hasn't occured. Didn't happen, no, don't believe ...

  • Light fantasy with strong characters and surprising developments, loved it

    Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard) (Volume 1)


    31. August 2017 um 15:06 Rezension zu "Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard) (Volume 1)" von M. Lynn

    It took some time for me to get into things, mostly to familiarize myself with the workings and names of the world the story takes place in. For the latter, the little glossary has been quite helpful if you are the impatient type, even though the story is pretty much self-explanatory and there aren't that many unfamiliar names or names in general to work with, which is pretty relaxing for someone like me for whom being bombarded with titles and names is very frustrating, simply can't remember them, hence why I gave up reading ...

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