Mastery of Earth (Legends of the Tri-Gard)

von M. Lynn und Michelle Bryan
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Mastery of Earth (Legends of the Tri-Gard)
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Quite an emotional read. Loved how true friendship and love helped the characters through all that darkness.

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    Artemis_25s avatar
    Artemis_25vor 2 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Quite an emotional read. Loved how true friendship and love helped the characters through all that darkness.
    Love conquers all

    Gosh, I still need some time to recover from that ending, so touching. I have never expected the war between Dreach-Sciene and Dreach-Dhoun to end this way and felt the tears coming up while reading. It was so beautifully tragic and full of hope for the future. I simply loved it.
    The characters have grown so dear to me. Rissa, Tristan, Alixa, Lorelai, Wren and Davi most of all of course. I could not imagine anyone of them dying but knew that it would be very likely at the same time. They struggled so much, physically and emotionally, but friendship and love kept them going. Davi is the best example with his two sets of memories, one false one true, and his conflicting emotions towards his father, his best friend's mortal enemy. He has such a hard time trusting himself it is painful to read and experience with him. But Rissa and Tristan refused to give up on him which led to quite a lot of emotional, heart-warming scenes I adored.
    I liked the lighter moments as well. The good-natured banter between the characters made me smile and full out laugh. My favourite part was when Davi suffered from magic poisoning which resulted in him acting drunk and quite silly, sooo funny and adorable.
    The abrupt change of scenes within scenes is something that I had some trouble with. There were small jumps in time that caused temporary confusion. The insertion of blank lines might have helped, to at least give a little visual warning.

    All in all, I really liked how things turned out in this final installment of the trilogy. It has been quite an emotional roller coaster and I loved the message of love conquers all we are left with. A must-read for any fan of the first two books and anyone else loving magic and strong characters.


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