M. R. Mathias The Sword and the Dragon (The Wardstone Trilogy Book 1)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Sword and the Dragon (The Wardstone Trilogy Book 1)“ von M. R. Mathias

When the Royal Wizard of Westland poisons the king, so that his puppet prince can take the throne and start a continental war, a young squire is forced to run for his life carrying the powerful sword that his dying monarch burdened him with from the death bed. Two brothers find a magic ring and start on paths to becoming the most powerful sort of enemies, while an evil young sorceress unwillingly falls in love with one of them when he agrees to help her steal a dragon's egg for her father. Her father just happens to be the Royal Wizard, and despite his daughter's feelings, he would love nothing more than to sacrifice the boy! All of these characters, along with the Wolf King of Wildermont, the Lion Lord of Westland, and a magical hawk named Talon, are on a collision course toward Willa the Witch Queen's palace in the distant kingdom of Highwander. There the very bedrock is formed of the powerful magical substance called Wardstone. Who are the heroes? And will they get there before the Royal Wizard and his evil hordes do? Whatever happens, the journey will be spectacular, and the confrontation will be cataclysmic. M. R. Mathias has several other titles available from Amazon, including: The Saga of the Dragoneers: The First Dragoneer - Free Dragoneer intro novella The Royal Dragoneers - Dragoneer Saga Book One Cold Hearted Son of a Witch - Dragoneer Saga Book Two The Confliction - Dragoneer Saga Book Three Confliction Compendium - Dragoneer Saga 1-3 plus The First Dragoneer novella The Emerald Rider - Dragoneer Saga Book Four Rise of the Dragon King - Dragoneer saga Book Five Blood and Royalty - Dragoneer Saga Book Six Dragoneer Saga - Royalty Trilogy Boxed Set (Books, 4, 5, and 6) Also by M.R. Mathias The Legend of Vanx Malic Book One - Through the Wildwood The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Two - Dragon Isle The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Three - Saint Elm's Deep The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Four - That Frigid Fargin' Witch Crimzon & Clover I - Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl Crimzon & Clover II - The Tricky Wizard Crimzon & Clover III - The Grog Crimzon & Clover IV - The Wrath of Crimzon Crimzon & Clover V - Killer of Giants Crimzon & Clover VI - One Bad Bitch Crimzon & Clover VII - The Fortune's Fortune And don't miss the huge International Bestselling epic: The Wardstone Trilogy Book One - The Sword and the Dragon Book Two - Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools Book Three - The Wizard & the Warlord
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