My Best Friend's Brother

von MJ Thompson
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My Best Friend's Brother
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“That’s right. I was in love with my bully.” Having a best friend with a cruel older brother is a recipe for disaster. It was worse for Hope who’s best friend, Heather, had twin demons as brothers who restlessly bullied them, especially her when she visits their house. Fast forward to a few years, Hope finds herself in a summer where the twins come home from college. She can no longer run, especially when her friend Heather is the one visiting this time with her brothers in tow. Will Hope ever reconcile with her bullies? Or will she be stuck harboring feelings for one of them? SAMPLE 1: Still standing under the lukewarm water I couldn't help but think back to what I heard... Nathan is in love with some girl. I know he never said the word 'love' but I could tell by his tone that's what he meant. My chest went tight and started to hurt, my eyes filled up with tears blurring my vision. Why did the thought of him being with someone else hurt so much? It's not like he has ever led me on or showed me any interest (in a romantic way) in the past. I never really told him anything to indicate that either. But even when.... No I can't... I felt the tears start to fall from my eyes. I slouched down to the floor of the shower until I was effectively sat down and hugging my legs to my chest. Before I knew it I was crying my soul out. I felt physically sick to my stomach, my chest felt like someone was sat on it. I felt more depressed than any other time in my life and nothing was going to fix it. I was stupid really.... That's right I was in love with my bully. SAMPLE 2: "How long have you been crushing on your little sister’s best friend?" Matt asked his voice full of amusement. I looked away "I.. I haven't been" I stutter out. "Really?" Heather asked, trying not to laugh. The two looked at each other and laugh. "You are such a bad liar." Matt laughs. "I'm not." "So is this a recent thing or is this an old thing?" Heather teased. "No Hev, it has to be recent right Nate?" Matt quickly said asking for me. I don't answer, still looking away. "Right Nate?" Matt asks again, this time in a more serious tone. I coughed but didn't say anything still. Heather’s mouth dropped open but quickly closed it again as if realizing something. "Longer?" she almost whispers. I slowly turned to them and purse my lips. "Oh my god... Seriously man?" Matt asked shocked. "How long has it been?" Dean asks, making me jump. "Since I first saw her" is all I say.


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