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The Reader

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A very fast and exciting read; hopefully there will be more of it
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I've just started reading and - whoosh - I'm done. That's a good sign because it means the story has been so exciting I simply couldn't stop reading. There is action, there is love, a lot of sexy boys and a whole new species, the Readers, to discover who are not far from a war with the Jacks, an envious people wreaking havoc in the human world.
In the middle of it all is Ann. She can't remember anything, is found and rescued by two handsome lads, Archer and Devon, one likable and warm, the other clearly bad boy material, who seem to know her quite well. They both compete for her affections from the start, although in their own special way. I love the brooding, sarcastic, hard to reach guys in books, so I had a favourite right away.
The story is told from Ann's point of view, so you are just as clueless and mystified as she is, grabbing for every tiny bit of new information, trying to get what the hell is going on and which role Ann is playing in all of it. Quite an important one as it turns out. But with her memories lost, everyone around her knowing more about her than she does herself, her upcoming mind-reading abilities and a strange voice in her head warning her in some situations, it is very hard for her to trust anyone around her. I've started feeling just as paranoid as she had been. Jealousy and betrayal seem to lurk behind every corner. I liked the tense atmosphere that was created through that.
I just wish that the author would have kept the slower pace of the first half of the story instead of rushing into things, losing a bit of credibility and depth on the way. She could have gone deeper into the specifics of the Readers, Jacks, Seers and the dynamics of their relationships, because their conflict felt quite shallow in the end.
In addition to that, I wouldn't have minded a sad ending here, never thought I'd say that, but it would have made the book even better, leaving on a bittersweet note.

All in all, it was a very exciting read. There is a scene in the end that hints at a sequel. I would certainly read it because I hope to be sucked deeper into the world of the Readers, something that came a bit too short in favour of a faster pace and more action. But I can still highly recommend this book.


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