Mac McLaw Love me - Hate me - LOVE ME (Poems / Songs Book 3)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Love me - Hate me - LOVE ME (Poems / Songs Book 3)“ von Mac McLaw

Love, Passion, Tears, Revolution and Romance! Made In Heaven One day you will meet That unique person Again And you will realize That you already know Each other Your love was built years before A life before “Lost” in death The other reborn like you To find each other again Down here on earth You met before and loved In heaven Died on earth Reborn Searched And found Your unique Love Made In Heaven "Love me - Hate me - LOVE ME" is a poems book - emotional from the beginning to the end... this anthology of 49 poems is honest, dirty and deep, pure emotional poetry, and it is first and foremost a tribute to love and life! It is a Valentine’s Day Gift for proofing your love, a Love Gift if you are actually in love with someone... just as well as a Beach Read for yourself... It is love, hate, despair, desperation, sadness, luck, about love affairs same as about the one and only love, it is about 80ies and 90ies and today. It´s revolutionary, from a German author who loves independent, wave, rock, gothic and all good styles of music... It´s in English and you even will find some French, international for an international world... happy, pure joy, a book about feelings, resistance, mysteries, fantasies, passion and punk...! A mixture of James Dean and Franz Kafka put into a book, sensitive, melancholy, sad, hopeful, nostalgic, searching for solutions, keeping hope and desires... It is deep and profound with an extraordinary style of independence. A book full of hidden wisdom and sometimes dark, sometimes glowing poetry. The collection features poems written at various points in McLaw’s career as a writer, lawyer, keen life observer and lover. A book full of poems and emotions… time after time, the reader will discover a new meaning... Have a break, read and enjoy! ...view the world differently! --- "Love me - Hate me - LOVE ME" is the 4th book of the German author Mac McLaw after “Dreamhunter” and “Jungs weinen nicht” (written in German) and "Scottish Heart – German Soul" (English). It is Volume III of the Poems / Songs series of McLaw and also written in English like "Scottish Heart – German Soul" Volume II. (“Jungs weinen nicht” is Volume I which is written in German).
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