Majed Alezzo Letter to Nothingness


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Letter to Nothingness“ von Majed Alezzo

"Letters to Nothingness" is a novel in both Arabic and English, and it will soon be in Deutsch as well. It is also written as a Screenplay. The novel consists of 13 chapters; it talks about “masters of thoughts”, who are seeking to dominate the world through taking control over our thoughts. ''Here they are, the same lineaments forming before me whenever I looked at my reflection in the mirror, or in the eyes of Helen, or on the surface of a pond left by what pours from the sky; and here it is, the same body, which holds me with my thoughts, with my tiredness and with that rancor, which fills my chest; but as for me, I, who hides behind that face, and dwells within this body, became different to the man I once used to be; that old woman has resurrected in me something of the spirit of the gods, turning me into an extraordinary man, who makes a hidden gate, or an ethereal bridge from his thoughts, through which he reaches any place in the existence, or the nonexistence''.

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