Malinda Lo { INHERITANCE } By Lo, Malinda ( Author ) [ Sep - 2013 ] [ Hardcover ]


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  • Not as good as the first one

    { INHERITANCE } By Lo, Malinda ( Author ) [ Sep - 2013 ] [ Hardcover ]


    27. February 2014 um 22:35

    Inheritance picks right up where Adaptation left off. The world is still in uproar, that the existence of aliens was kept secret. Reese and David have to get used to their new lifestyle. They are followed everywhere and blackmailed by some people. To protect their families they have to find out information about the aliens. They are always under pressure and have to decide who to trust. Their own government who kidnapped them once or the Imrians who they don’t know anything about. Add to that the hostility by the humans, when Reese’s sexuality and past relationship with Amber is revealed. Now humans don’t just see her as strange because of her DNA. Now they think she’s a “traitor to humanity”. In this book we learn a lot about the Imrians, their connection with the humans and their intentions. Reese is in a relationship with David. Still, she isn’t sure if it was the right choice to let Amber go. I thought this book was amazing. Not as amazing as the first one, but amazing nonetheless. Although it wasn’t as fun reading it as the other one. It’s a pity that Amber wasn’t that much in the book and that Reese just couldn’t decide if she wants David or Amber. I still think David is okay. Well… I think boring is a much better word to describe him. Reese just annoyed me with her constant indecision. I liked her character much more in the first book. Near the end Amber was a little more present in the book and then I thought that the feelings and choices were a bit too rushed. Apart from all that drama and confusion, all the questions I have had after the first book were answered in this one. I’m even okay with the answers, so that’s pretty cool. Anyway, I thought that the Imrians were rather interesting. Until the end I wasn’t really sure if they had good or bad intentions (even thought I was quite certain that Amber was one of the good ones). The description of their story and technology fascinated me. All in all I think this book is really great. The first book was better (yes, I know I’ve already said that a few times) but that’s okay. Well… okay I hate the ending. I just hate it. The book was really good but the last few pages pissed me off. The ending left me just agitated. I didn’t expect this at all and wish it didn’t end that way. I think it’s the easy way out and no permanent solution for the problem.

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