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A fast-paced, romantic thriller with a twist, from the acclaimed author of ASH.
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    27. February 2014 um 22:25

    The Book is about Reese who is stuck on the airport in Arizona with her debate partner and long-time crush David and her coach, because airplanes crashed due to mysterious bird attacks. So that no more people die because of that, the United States canceled all flights. They rent a car to get to their homes in San Francisco. On their way they drive through the Nevada desert and are near the infamous Area 51. Due to a bird that flies into the headlights of their car they crash and have an accident. One month later Reese and David wake up in a military hospital and are healthy again. Although they were badly hurt, they feel no pain and even their scars disappear after a while. Now Reese has to adjust to the changes in her live and even in herself. Throw in beautiful Amber Gray to whom she is attracted to and Reese is totally confused. This book is so awesome. The search for the truth and the conspiracy theories were so well- written and described. The Blog on which those theories were published was a good way to explain some things and to get a new insight on some possibilities. The many twists and turns in the plot were really unexpected (at least for me) and elaborate. Reese’s feelings about Amber as well as David were vividly, detailed and comprehensible explained. I think Amber is a highly interesting character. The relationship between her and Reese fascinated me. They were so cute and sweet. I just can’t read enough of them. David is okay. I don’t find him that interesting or special, but I think he fits perfectly in this book. Reese is a really multifaceted character. I like her shyness towards Amber, but more than that I love her courage and willpower. Her behavior and her attitudes make her so likeable. She’s not too perfect, but she isn’t incapable of following through with something either. It’s the perfect mixture. All in all I think this book is amazing. It was beautifully written by the author. It was fun reading this book because the plot, the locations and the traits of the characters were marvelously described.

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