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Inhaltsangabe zu „24 Declassified“ von Marc Cerasini

Each book in this new series will follow the shows trademark "24" hour format. Our goal is to make them such fast-paced, compelling reads, fans will be tempted to devour them in 24 hours or less! As prequel novels they will be set in the early days of CTU world where terrorist threats loomed large but were nevertheless fought without the kind of inter-agency cooperation the unit enjoys now, raising the stakes for Jack and showing us how he became such a lone wolf in the first place. Well not only see how Jacks skilled were honed on these dangerous missions, well also encounter many of Jacks friends and enemies, providing fans with a history of how key players got to where they are in the elaborate hierarchy of 24. True to the show, Washington politics and policy serve as a background for the stories and intrigues with politicians, lobbyists, and powerful officials cross into the narrative.

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