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Inhaltsangabe zu „Family Code“ von Marianne E. Meyer

This captivating spiritual novel is a revised edition of the autobiography "Doris Day and my Search for Relatives - Carmel Family Mystery." The reader takes part in Marianne's exciting life on four continents. Her experiences clarify that we are all interconnected and for generations, families have their value system. This code of rules, sayings and communication styles is also reflected when the family members do not know each other or are living on different continents. The bestselling author on health-care is building a bridge connecting the land of the living and the land of the dead. She shows that there is neither guilt nor coincidence or luck but cause and effect that can be poles as well as many centuries and incarnations apart. Luck, bad luck, and chance are only terms for the unrecognized law. And who does not learn will suffer. This autobiography shows how we can create our heaven on earth via health, peace, freedom, dignity and prosperity. The only thing connecting the worlds is the only meaning of life: LOVE.

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