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If you follow me you'll now that in June I read The Winner's Crime and loved it so much I couldn't help but read this one right after. Just as the first two books I loved this one.

Kestrel and Arins relationship changed/developed even more in this one and for a long time I wasn't sure what to think of it.
It didn't quite turn out the way I would have liked and to be honest I didn't enjoy this aspect of the book that much.
Kestrels amnesia added a layer to the book which I didn't need or appreciate all that much, especially considering their relationship.

Another aspect of said amnesia which I absolutely enjoyed on the other hand was Kestrels character development.
She already grew a lot in the last book but here she really came into her own.

Even more than Kestrels story line I loved Arin and Roshar. While their relationship started out a bit rocky it changed into a beautiful friendship that later even included Kestrel.

In my last review I said Verex was one of my favorite side characters. Roshar is my favorite side character. I love his sarcasm and witt and his snarky attitude. 

As for the plot, I loved it. In my opinion this book is the best one in the series.
It's so action packed and fast paced and I just love battles.
Not only that, this wasn't just your ordinary battle heavy book, it's full of strategy and new tactics.

As I said, this one is my favorite in the series, which is quite the feat as I loved the other ones as well. I rated this book 5 stars.

Autor: Marie Rutkoski
Buch: The Winner's Kiss
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