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A New York Times Bestseller! Everyone has a reason to fear the boy with the gun. 10:00 a.m. The principal of Opportunity, Alabama's high school finishes her speech, welcoming the entire student body to a new semester and encouraging them to excel and achieve. 10:02 a.m. The students get up to leave the auditorium for their next class. 10:03 The auditorium doors won't open. 10:05 Someone starts shooting. Told from four perspectives over the span of 54 harrowing minutes, terror reigns as one student's calculated revenge turns into the ultimate game of survival. Winter '15 Kids Indie Next List Goodreads YA Best Books of the Month Buzzfeed 5 YA Books You Should Be Reading This January 18 of 2016's Most-Anticipated YA Novels BookRiot 15 Books out in 2016 You Should Mark Down Now

I cried so much... One of the most emotional books I've ever read.

— bubbles007

Diversität wird hier groß geschrieben. Neben einem raschen Erzähltempo gibt es viele interessante Aspekte. z.B. Ist der Täter das Opfer?

— MissGoldblatt
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    This Is Where It Ends


    23. December 2017 um 16:00

    Kaum hat die Direktorin ihre Ansprache beendet bemerken die Schüler: hier stimmt etwas nicht. Die Türen sind verschlossen, was soll das? Zur gleichen Zeit trainiert die Sportgruppe, alles wirkt wie immer. Das Training ist anstrengend. Plötzlich hören sie Geräusche aus Richtung der Schule, es klingt wie Schüsse. Es sind Schüsse. Was passiert da? Ein Schüler, der im vorigen Jahr die Schule verließ, ist zurück. Nicht einfach nur zurück, er hat die Aula, in der sich die meisten Schüler befanden, besetzt. Er ist bewaffnet und gefährlich. Lehrer, die in aufhalten wollten hat er schon erschossen. Etwas, was man wirklich nicht erleben möchte, geschieht an der Opportunity Highschool. Das Entsetzen der Schüler ist unendlich. Sie können nicht glauben, was ihnen passiert und doch sind sie mitten im Geschehen. Sie müssen zusehen, wie ihre Lehrer zu Tode kommen, wie ihre Mitschüler niedergemetzelt werden, wie einer von ihnen auf einmal einer von den anderen ist, einer von den Verbrechern. Sie erleben etwas, was eigentlich nie an der eigenen Schule passiert, was immer andere trifft, was in ihrer kleinen heimeligen Umgebung nicht möglich ist. Sie erleben das Grauen, sie, die das Glück haben, zu überleben, werden fürs Leben gezeichnet. Wie in Echtzeit muss der Leser den Amoklauf eines Schülers miterleben. Unglaublich ist der Terror, nicht nachzuvollziehen, sind die Beweggründe des jungen Mannes, der zur Waffe gegriffen hat. Einfühlsam beschrieben sind die Gedanken der Schüler, die die Angst und das Entsetzen offenbaren, die Versuche einen Grund für die Tat zu erkennen, die Sorge um die Lieben, die sich in einer schlechteren Situation befinden als sie selbst. Die Gedanken derer, die weglaufen können, derer, die umkehren, um zu helfen und zu retten. Die Sinnlosigkeit eines solchen Verbrechens, bei dem hoffnungsvolle Leben ausgelöscht werden, die Hilflosigkeit, wenn man nichts tun kann, die Trauer, wenn man weiß, dass manche es nicht schaffen werden. Vielleicht ist gerade, das Unverständnis für den Täter und die Tat etwas, was die Stärke des Buches ausmacht, denn solche Taten sind wohl immer sinnlos und können nichts anderes auslösen als unendliches Leid und Entsetzen.

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  • Marieke Nijkamp - This is where it ends

    This Is Where It Ends


    10. January 2017 um 18:10

    Teachers and pupils are gathering in the auditorium to listen to the principal. When she has finished, they stand up to leave and head back to their classes. But the doors are locked. Nobody can get out. Only Tyler gets in and soon has everybody’s attention since he is heavily armed. He is seeking revenge for what has been done to him in the last months. When the first teachers and classmates are shot, they realise that this is real. But who can stop him? His sister Autumn? But she is meant to be the next.The story is told from different perspectives. We are thrown immediately into the action, there is no slow approach, nothing to prepare you. In small chapters covering two to three minutes, we learn what happens and what the different characters think and feel at that specific moment. We get to know Autumn, Tyler's sister who remembers their mother who died a year before and thus triggered a lot of problems for the whole family. Sylvia, Autumn's girlfriend, who had a fierce quarrel with Tyler a couple of weeks before. Tomás, Sylvia's brother who is actually not inside the auditorium because he was about to break into the principal' s office with his friend when all started and now he tries to help is sister and classmates. Claire and the running team who did not attend the meeting and now are left to watch and wait.There are many novels about school shootings, but most of them focus either on the motives of the shooter or what happens to the victims after this experience. "This is where it ends" stands out since is only covers the minutes of the shooting and the immediate feelings and thoughts. The different perspectives from inside and outside and their diverse links to the shooter give not only a broad but also interesting views on the situation. We do not get any clever explanations and tips of how to prevent it, the action speaks for itself and leaves it to the reader to make up their mind about this topic.

  • It hurts because it matters...

    This Is Where It Ends


    21. October 2015 um 10:00

    It's been well over a month now, since I've read "This Is Where It Ends" and it still hurts. It shouldn't have to hurt like this. A story about a boy with a gun holding his school hostage, shooting his teachers, his classmates… shouldn't be scary. Shouldn't feel real. But it does. Because it is. "So we run. Not just in circles around the track. We run toward all that is waiting for us. We run together, while we still can." And maybe you are one of those people who doesn't think it is. Who doesn't want to see the point in a book like this. Or maybe you are a parent who won't let their kids read this book, because they will get scared, or because they will get scary ideas. But people don't start shooting people because they read books, play video games or watch violent movies. They can see all the violence they want in the news and in the real word. But if you only see it on TV, happening somewhere far far away, it's not scary. Not for them anyway. It's something that just happens somewhere in the world, lots of stuff happens somewhere far away, doesn't have anything to do with you, bullying that kid in your science class. Well guess what, it does have everything to do with that. And it's closer to home than you think. But I don't want to scare you, or anything like that. I just want to ease you into this book. I think we've all been there, sitting hearing about gun violence in the news and thought "What if this happened at my school? What if it happened at my little brothers school? What if it happened where I work?" Marieke Nijkamp has the answer for you. "This Is Where It Ends" tells the story of those what ifs, from plenty of perspectives. About the little brother, the older sister, the kids in school, and the ones at home worrying about their teacher parents. "The shooter. Two words that taste sour and foreign. My brother." Social media, blogs, newspapers. Nosy journalists trying to do interviews on Twitter. The twitter hashtags and "trends", tweets by kids in school and at home, and those just supporting, worrying. "Run if you can. Hide if you have to. Don't be a target. […] get yourself to safety." All of that makes the book feel alive. Real. Like it is just happening somewhere, but this time it's not that far away. And all you are left with is the feeling that this should never ever have to happen to anyone ever again. It's face paced, and it will suck you into your seat. It will also be over before you know it, leaving you with the biggest book hangover you will ever experience. "Running away and saving your own skin is only noble when you don't leave anyone behind. If I were in the auditorium, I'd want someone to come for me. I'd want there to be hope." "This Is Where It Ends" is incredibly clever, incredibly well done. And it hurts, because it matters.

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