Marilyn Kaye Better Late Than Never


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Teenage goth Jenna Kelly can read anyone's mind without even trying. When her alcoholic mother has to go into hospital, a stranger turns up who says he's her long-lost dad, and promises her a better future. While Jenna is happy to discover what it's like to have a proper parent, the gifted class have their concerns, but will Jenna listen? (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/05.06.2009')
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    Better Late Than Never


    02. December 2010 um 20:09

    This time Jenna will be found by her father, but is he really like he seems? Amanda needs to fight for her Queen of Mean crown. And as a queen you need a king, right? So she's deciding that her gifted classmate Ken would be perfect, but how to get him into it, too?
    Book 2 and the gifted get more emotions.