Marilyn Kaye Gifted: Finders Keepers


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Meadowbrook Middle School is an ordinary school with ordinary students - queen bees, jocks, nerds, brains, all the usual suspects. With nine exceptions. These students look like the others, but they're not. You could call it a skill, a talent or a disadvantage, but each of these students is unique - they're gifted. (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/17.02.2010')
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    Gifted: Finders Keepers


    07. December 2010 um 09:43

    This time we're with Ken, the one who is able to hear death people. Specially his death best friend. And he is going to go to a seance, where it is hard for him not to show his ability. But Amanda had an adventure too. And she doesn't told the others.