Marilynne K. Harrison Recovery Happens Through Christ (My Story of Abuse, Alcoholism, and Adultery)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Recovery Happens Through Christ (My Story of Abuse, Alcoholism, and Adultery)“ von Marilynne K. Harrison

Recovery Happens through Christ is taken from the journals of Marilynne Harrison, an otherwise regular person who found herself sexually abused as a child and exposed to a world of sin in such a way as to bring tears to one’s eyes. By the time she was eleven, Marilynne was exposed to drugs, alcohol, and sex; and worst of all, was told to keep her situation to herself. The results of being robbed of her childhood led Marilynne to continue to live her life in the only way she knew, by continuing in the same sins. Finally, many years later, Marilynne makes a dramatic turn to God. He lifts her out of her pit in a truly impossible way. This book covers seventeen painful and then triumphant years in Marilynne’s life. She shares her tremendous struggles with sin, painful choices leading to more wrongdoing, and finally, a real call from our ultimate Savior, Jesus Christ. Celebrate her recovery and find hope for your own recovery, or that of your loved ones. Are you struggling with drugs, alcohol, and wrong sexual relationships? Are you trapped in a sex addiction and can’t find your way out? Do you long to understand the relationship between the Christian and homosexuality? Is there real hope for gay and lesbian recovery? Do you feel as if there is no possibility for addiction recovery or abuse recovery? Before you lose all hope, find some quiet reading time and read the story of a lady with all the same reoccurring temptations and failures. With all her miserable existence, she provides hope to those who know exactly what she is talking about when she discusses her deplorable and self-destructive lifestyle. Do not give another moment of your life to yourself and Satan. Instead, allow yourself to be guided by the Holy Spirit to the One who also understands your temptations and is able to finally give you relief. Jesus Christ died for you, just as much as He did for Marilynne and the whole world. Just as He rescued Marilynne and gave her new life, He can surely do the same for you too. We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are. For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard … People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood (Romans 3:22–25). About the Author Marilynne Harrison and her husband live in northern Wisconsin, in the small town of Shell Lake. After overcoming drugs, alcohol, and a same-sex relationship, life seems almost normal. Without a doubt it would have been an unhappy ending for Marilynne’s life had God not intervened. Because she so clearly knows that her victories are a gift from Him, Marilynne boldly released her journals, written during the most trying days of her life, out of which this book was taken. Her primary purpose for sharing her uttermost secrets is to encourage others also struggling with drugs, alcohol, and/or same-sex relationships. This book serves to provide an example of a person who overcame a blatantly wrong lifestyle, and today lives a clean lifestyle, worships God, and fellowships with other like-minded believers. This Christian book is periodically offered for free download on your Kindle.
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