Marina Lewycka We are All Made of Glue


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Inhaltsangabe zu „We are All Made of Glue“ von Marina Lewycka

Georgie Sinclair's life is coming unstuck. Her husband's left her. Her son's obsessed with the End of the World. And now her elderly neighbour Mrs Shapiro has decided they are related. Or so the hospital informs her when Mrs Shapiro has an accident and names Georgie next of kin.

Stöbern in Romane

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Leider viel weniger, als erhofft.


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Eine Reise bei der Michele sein eigenes "Ich" wiederfindet. Ein sehr schönes Hörbuch


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Spannend, schockierend und furchtbar traurig. Ein sprachgewaltiges Buch, dass sich so richtig keinem Genre zuordnen lässt. Lesenswert!


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Ein beinahe poetisch anmutendes Psychodrama


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Selten so ein langweiliges Buch gelesen. 22 Euro hätten besser angelegt werden können. Leider.


Underground Railroad

Tief bedrückendes Portrait einer Gesellschaft! Das Buch war nicht immer schön, aber immer lesenswert.


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  • Marina Lewycka - We are all made of glue

    We are All Made of Glue


    26. May 2016 um 06:07

    When Georgie Sinclair meets her elderly neighbour Mrs Shapiro, this is the last thing she needed to make her life a complete mess. Her husband has just left her for another woman. Her son flees into a world of Armageddon and her job for a company which produces glue also is not really satisfying. But old Mrs Shapiro need her help. After an accident she is in hospital and due to her age, the vultures are on the watch for her house in a financially interesting area.What Marina Lewycka can do like hardly any other is creating characters which are so unique that they cannot compare to any other in the most positive way. Mrs Shapiro’s way of speaking, her one the one hand hard-boiled but on the other hand loving way of treating people, compared with her witty and clever mind make her a rather strange but hard not to love person. She definitely has known how to cope with life’s adversities. Georgie also gains character and profile through the novel, she grows with the responsibilities. What I found most interesting is the way her work on text related to all types of glue is mixed with the plot. Albeit a bit strange in the beginning, they make more and more sense. All in all, a novel full of extraordinary humour and great fun to read.