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Mark FeenstraBlack Magic (Black Records) (Volume 1)
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Black Magic (Black Records) (Volume 1)
Black Magic (Black Records) (Volume 1)
Erschienen am 27.06.2016

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Full of action, the poor characters hardly have time to breathe, exciting
Artemis_25vor einem Jahr

Phew, poor Alex, she has to take a lot of magical beating. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.
I love books that have all the elements of a good action thriller plus the magical setting. It worked quite well in this story, too, although the concept of Alex first getting information from the seemingly all-knowing entity Viktor, then seeking out places and people he has given her directions to, and in the end barely escaping with her life, well, it starts feeling bit repetitive after a while. I would have liked it better if at one point she wouldn’t have been able to weazle her way out in the very last second. For instance, the situation in the vampire den could have turned out very differently, without her dying of course. But then again, perhaps it is just a question of taste and maybe the things had to happen how they happened because there are the two following sequels to consider as well.
I still liked the style of writing, just the right balance of descriptive parts and ones filled with lively dialogue that even made me laugh at times.
One can see that there has been put a fair amount of thought into the workings of magic and how it works slightly differently for the various creatures, something I enjoyed very much. Since Alex is a mage and the main character, you will learn the most about this kind of magic wielders whereas knowledge about the other beings is fed to you only by her experiences with them. But that’s okay, there is still enough time for it in the next books. Especially the mysterious secret society, the so-called Chroniclers, and the government of the magic world, the Conclave, are two organisations I want to find out more about, with most of their members and their goals still unknown.
The characters are what I liked best about the story. They are so different, well-developed and I have the feeling that there is a lot more behind there facades as I have seen yet. About Alex and her friend Chase can be found out the most, and I am very excited to read the prequel that is promising to give insight into Alex’s sad past that is mentioned here and there. I think it will be enlightening and help to understand her fear of her own powers, something that makes her a very interesting character, in my opinion. Skreet, Viktors kobold, has wormed his way in my heart pretty quickly. I have a thing for little, naughty creatures. Perhaps he will have a bigger role in one or all of the sequels? I will be very happy if that happens. I hope that we will get to know a lot more about Viktor, though. He seems to be too god-like in his knowledge about everything that’s happening but, for some reason, cannot interfere directly. This book’s villain is also someone who‘s backstory I think is necessary to know about. Now he’s just this power-hungry beast. I want to find out why.

So, one can see that I have many reasons for reading „Black Market“, the sequel to „Black Magic“. And while I am at it, I’m going to read the prequel „The New Black“ as well. I’m sure these two will be just as hard to put down as this first installment of the „Black Records Series“. I’d recommend this book to readers liking magical action thrillers and who do not mind it if there is no lovestory.


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