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Prisoned: A Dark Twisted Erotic Standalone

Prisoned: A Dark Twisted Erotic Standalone

Erschienen am 22.08.2016

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Great book!
pieggyvor 2 Jahren

4.5 Stars

Great book. I´m so happy that I´ve won the ebook. It was the first book I´ve read of the author and I´m sure there will be more :) 

The writing style was good. The characters, their background , their reasoning, actions and story itself was believable. The story kept me going. I didn´t want to stop reading. At times I was like: What?! No. That can´t be.... But the story continued in a way that hadn´t made me hate the book :P The details and descriptions of the situations and about what Breath was doing and how and how it looked were very good in my opionion. It was easy to visualize it. Although I knew where the story was heading and what was about to happen, I wasn´t bothered by it. Not at all. I really enjoyed reading this book and loved the mindplay one of the characters had to go through ( I won´t go into detail, as I don´t want to spoiler here). That had me even confused a tiny bit which really doesn´t happen often with books. So plus point! I really liked Kyle, Garin and even Billy. The only thing that I didn´t like was the headline of each chapter. The timing was confusing. For example it said later on 13 days ago (Or sth like that) which made me think: "Ok. 13 days ago. It was maybe one or two days before the hospital". But the scene described in that chapter was placed at a much earlier date. I guess it would be better to have it changed. I don´t know like changing the number so it´s right or writing down a date or I don´t know... However- I figured it out myself and could connect the scene with the right timeframe. I really do hope there´s another book coming out, because I want more. I need to know more (I´ll write it down below what it is I want). :D 

Spoiler (Why I need book 2):
Ok. I need another part, because I´d love to know how Kyle reacted to figuring out that "the dream" wasn´t a dream. I´d be pissed- so what does she feel and do now that she knows? And how will Garin explain all that so that she forgives him? 
Also: Is Kyle pregnant? Because they didn´t use protection. Before Garin practically confessed that she didn´t "dream" it, I thought the whole time: "Well. If she´s pregnant now and finds out- then she must realize that the dream wasn´t a dream". Because logically she can´t get pregnant while dreaming :P And then she had to question Garin, his "car accident"-explanation/excuse and everything. Didn´t turn out that way as he "confessed" at the end. But it was what went through my mind while I was reading.
Oh... And I wonder who those both kidnapper are. I wonder what happens when Kyle meets one or even both of them, because they (maybe) work or are friends with Garin (?). That´s interesting to get to know...
I think there is still potential for future books.For example: Anthonys and Kayles Mom going crazy and wanting revenge or other threats. But as I said- I hope there´s another part coming :D 


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