Mart Schreiber The Mistaken Hero: Stories from Vienna


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Mistaken Hero: Stories from Vienna“ von Mart Schreiber

Four tales, four twists of fate that start or end in Vienna’s subway system. One late evening, Sven receives a call from the hospital. His brother has been admitted after sustaining injuries from a brawl in the subway. At his bedside, Sven encounters his brother’s girlfriend, who he is convinced he has met before. Clemens has recently fallen in love. He pays no attention to the strange woman he briefly encounters in the subway. As luck would have it, Clemens boards an emotional roller coaster. Pierre notices a dirty-green backpack on the subway. This derelict piece of baggage strikes him as suspicious. Yet by the time he has his first customer appointment in the bank, he has already forgotten about the backpack. Henriette turns eighty. Her husband has prepared everything for a birthday excursion. He plans on taking her to the park where they often took their children. However, already on the way there, they are confronted with a number of obstacles.

"Der falsche Held" translated to Amerian English

— MartSchreiber
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