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    Time's Arrow


    02. September 2008 um 17:08

    "The world has stopped making sense again..." Tod T. Friendly (who is in fact Odilo Unverdorben, a Nazi Doctor and assistant to Josef Mengele in Auschwitz-Birkenau), at the moment of his death in late 20th century New York, re-lives his life (which to the people surrounding him is a complete secret), or more correctly, a shadow or rather perplex and surprised double of Tod Friendly (or John Young, and finally Odilo Unverdorben), who is the narrator of this account, does. Ingeniously, Martin Amis has mirrored this life as inversion, making it something like a upside down account of the 20th century. Definetely not an easy read in the beginning (Martin Amis never is, thankfully- and reading inverse dialogues is wee bit like running backwards- not that I've tried running backwards though), "Time's Arrow" needs time getting accustomed to, increases momentum until finally Odilo Unverdorben re-enters his mothers womb. Inverse dialogue, inverse sexual acts, inverse life- even Auschwitz and Odilos role during the holocaust inversed: especially this part of this novel is the one making this book an unforgettable reading experience, this is the part, which stuns most, with leaves you breathlessly following Odilos shadows inverse view of the Schoah. Martin Amis' prose is ironical, black, ice-cold, cruel and consciously pathetical at times. A shattering, stunning and utterly original visionary work of literature.

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