Martin Walker Fatal Pursuit: Bruno, Chief of Police 9 (Bruno Courreges 9)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Fatal Pursuit: Bruno, Chief of Police 9 (Bruno Courreges 9)“ von Martin Walker

The Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic was called the most beautiful car of all time. Only four of them were ever built. A California museum paid $37 million for one; Ralph Lauren bought another; a third was smashed by a train at a level crossing. The fourth disappeared in France during World War 2. It was the car used by British racing ace, William Grover Williams, twice winner of the French and Monaco Grand Prix, who became an undercover agent in Occupied France. The latest adventure in the Bruno series of mystery novels starts from this true story. Two young men, both racing drivers with a passion for antique cars, compete to find new clues as to the car's hiding place in the Perigord region of France where Bruno is the local chief of police. When a local researcher turns up dead on Bruno's patch, and French intelligence starts investigating the use of classic car sales to launder money for funding Islamic terrorism, Bruno finds himself once more caught up in a case that reaches far beyond his small town and its people. With the bucolic charm and gourmet cooking that are the hallmarks of this series, Bruno's latest adventure finds him falling in love again as he races to find the murderer and to track down the fate of the most beautiful car ever made.
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  • Martin Walker - Fatal Pursuit

    Fatal Pursuit: Bruno, Chief of Police 9 (Bruno Courreges 9)


    04. June 2016 um 05:50

    It’s time to race. The Perigord region is the place for a motor race and Bruno has to be part of it. But the adrenaline does not only come from speeding through the region, the drivers’ love for quest for old cars also bring troubles to Bruno’s idyllic region. A disappeared Bugatti and its search leaves more than one person dead behind, a family feud is on the verge of running out of control and also some teenagers seem to have lost their senses. Much to do for Bruno who – in the middle of all this chaos – might have found a new love.There is not much surprise in this 9th novel of the Bruno series in terms of characters and setting. We are again in the French countryside where life paces at a lower speed, everybody knows everybody and where polices cases can also be treated in less formal way. Bruno’s love life this time seems to promise a happy end, so his story is also pursued besides the actual cases. These are again well drawn and solved convincingly, the offer some suspense and can surprise the reader. All in all, a typical regional crime story, where the regional charm plays a more important role than suspense and thrill.

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