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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Resistance Man“ von Martin Walker

In south-west France, WW2 casts the longest shadow when some rare bank notes are discovered, notes that may have links to the legendary Neuvic train robbery in 1944 - a case for Bruno, chef de police.
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    The Resistance Man


    12. June 2013 um 00:13

    The dead man clenches a thousand francs bank note in his fist. It is a Banque de France note, but one that Bruno, chef de police in St. Denis, never saw before. The date of issue was December 1940; it is a Vichy note and there are more of them to be found in the dead man´s house. It is very likely that they originate from the legendary train robbery the French Resistance carried out in 1944. Furthermore, there a several burglaries Bruno has do deal with. One of the victims is the former head of Britain´s Joint Intelligence Committee, which brings Bruno´s old flame Isabelle back to St. Denis. When a victim of a burglary is murdered, his lover becomes a convenient prime suspect. Fortunately Bruno is free from prejudices and searches for the real murderer. And then the historian Jacqueline is also burgled, which brings another angle in the story. Her research seems to be political dynamite. I like the Bruno-novels very much. They are quiet, but nevertheless exciting, they are well written and they take place in a nice environment. A small detail that made me smile was that the character Jacqueline participated in “Our Bodies, Ourselves”, the most important book on women´s health in the 1970ies. The German edition was published in the early 80ies, essential to the feminist movement and very important for me. Bruno is a terrific character, whom I like even better with every new book. He has got high moral standards and great compassion, which makes him a man many women dream of. I envy Bruno for his animals, the gorgeous food and the life he is living. Like he himself states, he is a lucky man: “… I don´t spend the money I do earn. I get my food for free from the garden or hunting or cheaply from my farming friends. My uniforms are free so I don´t spend much on clothes. The Mairie pays for my petrol and my phone bills. I don’t owe a penny on my house; I have a wonderful horse and good wine in my cellar. Other than raffle tickets at the tennis club I don´t gamble and I just spent the night with a beautiful woman who brings me hot croissants in bed, all of which makes me the richest man in St. Denis.” But this time there are some bad experiences waiting for Bruno. A lot is going wrong, especially concerning the women around him. Even the difficult question of having children rises. This novel ends with a great showdown and I am already looking forward to the next volume.

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