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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Eye Witness“ von Mary Alff

THe Eye Witness is the end product of an interview with a very special "eye witness". Mrs Wolff has decieded to tell the world what no one else will say.
She habors no doubts that what she says will shock many, but may also encourage many others to ditch their fears and speak out for those who can not. She describes what happened to MH370 on the morning it disappeared and gives a detailed account of activities in the skies around the plane that morning. She is convienced that there is more than meets the eye in this whole "mystery" thing. She like all of us have waited for the recovery of the MH370 which everyone in search seems sure "...ended in the Indian Ocean." This may be the only truth told by Malaysia. The question is however, which part of the Indian Ocean? Mrs Wolff says the search is in the wrong place and it is being done on purpose. She claims the truth will be found in the tower communcations with the pilots and the sattelite data; and highly doubts anyone would have been asleep in the face of this ordeal like the governments involved in the search for this plane want the world to believe. She knows certain references of locations and events she has given will help reveal the truth about the incident; like what was happening around the plane and in the plane, and why there weren't any survivors. It is not what has been told but a rather unexpected account of events which will answer lingering questions. However, the only viable solution to get to the truth of this is to engage independent investigators, judges, and organisations to re-open this coverup and re-investigate those involved and the rather baffling multimillion search and rescue. While it seems this incident is dead and buried and evidence made to disappear and without real justice being seved, this book seeks to restart a disscussion on the loss of the MH370 and its passengers. Mrs Wolff states Justice never goes stale, though it may delay, it will arrive.

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