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Academy Street

Academy Street

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The China Factory

The China Factory

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A Realistic Picture of a Woman's Life
darklittledancervor 4 Jahren

(3.5 stars)

In the 1960s, Tess, a young Irish woman,
emigrates to New York to find her destiny. Her mother passed away when
Tess was a small girl and so she grew up on the dreary family farm among
her siblings and her gruff father. Like most people, Tess is looking
for love, but for an introvert person finding friends can be a
challenge. As she tries to build a home in the United States, it isn’t
always easy to stay close to those she loves. Although this country
enables Tess to live a life that would be impossible in Ireland, she is
just as isolated as before.

Academy Street is a slow-moving
tale with a main character who is great to identify with. Mary Costello
paints a realistic picture of a woman’s life very similar to the lives
of many lonely people out there. The novel’s only downside is its
ending. Even though it is surprising, I don’t think it very original.
All in all, however, Academy Street is a melancholic novel that will make you value your family and think about those less fortunate than yourself.


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