[ I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN By Clark, Mary Higgins ( Author ) Hardcover Apr-01-2014

von Mary Higgins Clark 
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[ I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN By Clark, Mary Higgins ( Author ) Hardcover Apr-01-2014
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[ I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN By Clark, Mary Higgins ( Author ) Hardcover Apr-01-2014


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Verlag:Simon & Schuster ( 2014 )

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    ViEbnervor 2 Jahren
    I´ve Got You Under My Skin by Mar Higgins Clark

    I´ve Got You Under My Skin is a well written thriller, in which you actually read about two different cold cases. In a very decent tone the author describes one that happened twenty years ago and one that happened about five years back. During the ongoing story the reader gets to know known facts about the old case during scenes, dialogues and thoughts Laurie is having.

    Written in the figural narrative situation, Mary Higgins Clark created a puzzle that seems at the beginning very confusing and none of the pieces seems to fit.

    Subliminal fears and long denied feelings lead to a cat-and-mouse-play that brings all kind of different feelings to the surface and shows at the end a solution that the attentive reader knew long before that.

    Yes, without a doubt, this thriller is without any surprises. But don´t get me wrong. The plot is perfect arranged. The writing style is as always great. It is just the feeling that the story isn´t new and that you can guess what happens next. I don´t know the author that way. Well, now I do.

    Laurie works as a TV-producer, has her ups and downs and fights now for a show, she wants to use to solve a long forgotten cold case. She follows her instincts, raises her son with the help of her father, a former police officer, and is happy for every day she stays alive.

    Alex Buckley is a very dashing attorney with a razor wit. He becomes the host of the new show, has a very fascinating way to ask questions and get answers people actually don´t want to give; and his style to corner people is charming. Despite that, he sees things and notices what others don´t or what isn´t visible at first sight.  

    No doubt, the plot is refined and placed and implemented perfectly. But despite that I had at some point the feeling, that I´ve already read the story. Somehow the author has lost her kick. This thriller is not reaching the brilliance of her latest work.


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