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Cover des Buches Coming Home: Baytown Boys Series (English Edition) (ISBN: 9780997553833)
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Mitch Evans left his career as an FBI agent after his father retired as the Baytown Police Chief. Returning home to take up the mantle, he was glad to be back with his family and the Baytown boys. The bonus? Reuniting with his childhood friend and teenage crush.

Victoria Bradford came back to Baytown to run the Sea Glass Inn after her grandmother’s death. A simpler life was what she yearned for. When the new Police Chief showed up on her doorstep, her heart skipped a beat as old memories came rushing back.

When one of Tori’s guests died from poisoning, Mitch was determined to stay objective while solving the murder. Then the evidence pointed to Tori as being the intended victim and another attempt was made on her life.

Mitch, desperate to find the killer before he strikes at Tori again, calls upon the Baytown Boys to assist, as he vows to protect her.

This is an exiting first book of a serial. Maryann Jordan can truly bring life in her charakters and its really a little like coming home for the reader, because the setting is about a group of people who know each other since childhood. Well described and suffering on different problems each of them is an exiting by the way  -  charakter.
The criminal setting is also well done with various suspicious.
Deviant to most storys the protagonists of " coming home" are sure that they belong to each other but have to solve the present problems.
well to read in english language.

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