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Inhaltsangabe zu „JESUS´ LIFE IN INDIA“ von Mathew Embrayil

JESUS CHRIST, the son of God, has millions of religious followers on all continents. Though He was very pious and even respected and accepted by other religions, for centuries many of His followers did not know some very important parts of His life were missing. The Roman Church was aware of them; but kept them secret from His followers on all continents. What was the reason? India was a country of many religions where the people were taught that each religion was a way to attain God. No other country in the history of mankind has given as much importance to religion as India has done. Hinduism and later Buddhism, the two important religions of India, played a big role in its history. These two religions taught their followers how to lead a peaceful and harmonious life. Hindu Yogis understood that the purpose of human life on earth is to get closer to God. They scientifically analyzed the human mind and brain in deep meditation and found a scientific way (Yoga) for a normal man to find God during his lifetime. In the Holy Bible there are hardly any references about Jesus between the age of 13 and 29 years. According to historical evidence He spent that time in India, learning Hindu scriptures and Yoga under famous Yogis in well known Hindu temples. He protested against the caste system and animal slaughter of Hindu religion, and He visited and studied in Buddhist monasteries in India, Nepal and Tibet before returning to Palestine when He was 29 years old. The Holy Bible teaches us about His crucifixion. This book explains how He was saved from the cross and escaped to Kashmir and where the tomb of His mother Mary and the tomb of Jesus Christ can be found. This book clarifies the historical facts, based on the work of famous personalities like Nicolas Notovitch, Khwaja Nazir Ahmad, Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui and Professor Fida Hassnain.

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