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    The Con Job (Leverage Novel)

    Valkyrie Kane

    09. April 2013 um 20:36

    I enjoyed reading this book immensely. The characters are spot on (imo), the chapters are short(-ish) and often change between the characters, telling us what they’re doing at the moment. (So it’s really pretty much as the TV show.) The POV changes, too, so we get to read the thoughts and plans (and sometimes even a few memories) of our favourite character at least once during the book, though I think I remember that we’re mostly looking through the eyes of Nate and Hardison. I think they handled the Comic-Con issue very well. Of course there’s a little “geek-ribbing” (because there’s just no way that Eliot is silent on that matter), but it’s all in good fun, and since Hardison is right at home there, he defends the honour of all comic-lovers, Sci-fiers, RPGers and everyone else you can find at the Comic-Con. I loved the little details and allusions to Star Wars, Star Trek and, of course, the mentioning of many actual stars, like pretty much the whole STNG cast, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and some more. Which led to a small kind of “Wil-ception”, because where there’s a Comic-Con, there’s not only Hardison but also Cha0s! And since Wil Wheaton was supposedly at the con, too,... Well, I’m sure you get it. The book is really well-written and the case is nice, too. It’s a perfect tie-in for the series, and for all of us, who are sad to see that it ended. I dearly hope, there will be more of those books (I know of at least two more), because as long as there are we can still read new cons of our favourite Robin Hoods. (And should the books stop coming, there’s always fanfiction, I guess.)

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