Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies (Ten Tales Fantasy & Horror Stories)

Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies (Ten Tales Fantasy & Horror Stories)
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Welcome to the world of the not-quite-living. While zombies still have physical bodies, their minds are irrevocably changed. No longer governed by a conscience, incapable of reason, unrestrained by values of right and wrong, they often follow primitive instincts. If their new focus is overwhelming hunger, they let nothing get in the way of their urge to feed. Confronted by a zombie, how would you defend yourself and those you love? What if it was your friend, relative or spouse, with remnants of their old personality - would you protect them or kill them? Is a zombie an individual with human feelings and rights, or is it a menace to be destroyed? In this story collection, ten authors share their visions of the undead, each with their own style of storytelling and their own imagination of how ghouls may impact our lives. Some of these zombies have been infected by virus-spreading bites, some were raised from their graves, and some have chosen the undead state for reasons of their own. Most have their wits about them, but their priorities have changed. They are single-minded in pursuit of what they need... which may or may not be living human flesh. The authors come from around the globe. They write variously in British or American English, with different word choices, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Their tales range from short flashes to long yarns, from fantasy to science fiction, from funny to macabre and from thought-provoking to scary. See which story of these ten appeals most to your taste. But beware: Some of these ghouls are deceptive, and by the time you realise the danger, it may be too late. Story List: 1. IMMUNITY by Jeff Strand What if the body’s immune system can shake off the infection? 2. GREYWALKER by Rayne Hall A dying man will pay any price to gain time. 3. LAST CHANCE TO SEE by Tracie McBride You have twenty-four hours before death becomes permanent. 4. FURZBY HOLT by Jonathan Broughton Collecting census information in this English village should be an easy job. 5. ANOTHER OLDIE BUT GOODIE by Paul D. Dail Retirement home resident Margaret is hearing music that no one else can hear. 6. ZOMBIE MOTHER-IN-LAW by Tara Maya Mama lives in the basement. 7. I’LL LOVE YA, FOREVER, BUT… by April Grey Faithful to a fault, that’s my Fred. 8. DECISION OF THE COUNCIL by John Hoddy The year is 2225. Is it safe to reanimate a person from the barbarous past? 9. THE REASON FOR ZOMBIES by Douglas Kolacki My limbs are not as cooperative as they used to be. 10. FEEDING FRENZY by Matt Hults These zombies are hungry.


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