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God of the Underdogs

God of the Underdogs

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Very inspiring!
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Have you ever felt like an underdog? That you were not qualified enough, too insecure, without the right connections, with a past too dark and a reputation too scarred to really make a difference? Guess what? You’re not alone. In fact, you are in the best of companies. King David felt he wasn’t qualified enough. The apostle Paul thought his past was too bad. Moses was insecure and Gideon’s resources were too scarce. Yet, God chose each and every one of them to do His work. And He can use you too.

Sharing his own story of being an underdog, Matt Keller also retells the stories of the underdog heroes in Scripture. Each chapter tackles a different excuse that prevents us from fulfilling our destinies. Keller shows why we shouldn’t let these excuses stop us and how we can overcome them. While his refreshing writing style makes God of the Underdogs an easy read, it still dives deep into Scripture and conveys encouraging and eye-opening truths. The tone of the book is rather informal, almost giving the impression that one is listening to a good friend. This is somewhat reinforced by additional online bonus content in the form of short audio messages, links to which are found at the end of each chapter.

God of the Underdogs is an amazing and very inspiring book. I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever felt like an underdog. And let’s be honest, haven’t we all at some point or another in our lives?

As Matt Keller puts it: “Excuses are everywhere. Go and change the world anyway!”


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