Matthew Norman Domestic Violets


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Domestic Violets“ von Matthew Norman

Tom Violet has failed, once again, to have sex with his wife. Too young to have these kinds of problems, but too old to be young, he is only further crushed moments later when Tom finds out that his philandering, borderline-estranged father Curtis has a) broken into their home in the middle of the night, waking (and terrifying) Toms 5 year old daughter b) just been kicked out of his own house by wife No 3, and c) just won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Tom, who works a soul-crushing 9-5 job has been secretly writing a novel of his own for years, all the while knowing that anything he manages to finish is doomed to be negatively compared to his world-famous fathers work. Toms physical shortcomings, combined with his dads success, the crumbling economy, and a hopeless crush on a 23-year-old in his office, threaten to push him into one of those awkward, painfully self-aware pre-midlife crises that he and everyone else loathes hearing about. But Tom is simply too busy for a full-fledged downward spiral. His now-homeless dad has decided to move in for an undisclosed amount of time. His doctor is trying to convince him that his erectile dysfunction is all in his head. His dog suffers from acute anxiety. His stepfather is in desperate need of marital advice. His boozy stepmother might be stalking him. And, of course, hes slowly beginning to suspect that his wife may be having an affair with a guy from her gym. So when he orchestrates a truly stupid revenge stunt at work and gets fired, hes not too surprised. With his subtle, satiric humor, debut author Matthew Norman will have readers laughing and grimacing with every page.

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