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Epic in scope, heroic in character, masterful in prose, We Are Not Ourselves is a sprawling, multigenerational portrait of the Irish-American Leary family. We Are Not Ourselves announces the arrival of a significant new voice in contemporary literature. A comparable debut would be the publication of The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.

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    We Are Not Ourselves


    04. September 2014 um 10:00

    (WARNING: spoilers included) Eileen Leary who grew up in the postwar period as the only child of an alcoholic mother and a hard working father always dreamt about a luxury life. She wanted to own a house and earn enough money to set it up in loftiness. Once she met Ed her world seemed to change and she finally found her way out of her parents’ scanty lifestyle and started to construct her own. Luckily both of them get the chance to work fulltime in good jobs and earn enough money to make a living and save for dark days. As Eileen gets pregnant and gives birth to a healthy lively boy, their life seems perfect. But still there’s something Eileen’s longing for. She starts getting annoyed by common things and does not seem to find satisfaction in her life. Their marriage develops to a certain routine and they start fighting more often and distance from each other. Both try to find recovery in their jobs. After a while of non-stop working, Ed seems to change. He forgets important things and gets tired of his everyday life.  After being forced by Eileen to go see a doctor the diagnosis is clear: Alzheimer’s disease. The family now has to stick together and find a way to cope with the disease. In ‘We are not ourselves’ by Mathew Thomas you can find a story that is reflectable to your own. Our nowadays lifestyle often seems to force us living a rushing life full of never ending desires. Advertising and media show us how different, better, our life could be with a certain product, in a different part of the world, the perfect body (define perfect) or with another partner. We are not allowed to be satisfied with the way things are, the way we create our life. For implementing those insignificant desires caused by brainwashing we have to work for hours until we come home collapsing on the couch and being too tired to find joy in an evening walk with our friends or a swim in the sea. We often neglect our real longings buried deep inside of us by the weight of the media’s influence. We start to visit our families and friends only rarely even though we feel best in their company. We work for months to fulfill a material wish and once we have it we start to lose interest. Captured in our filled time schedule we rush through life and before you realize it you’ve aged ten years. We notice changings in the state of mind or health of our family too late, so that our time left with them is limited. Only then we realize that we have to change something, we have to take time to see people who are important to us, to make others happy and enjoy their company. When I meet friends, in the end of the evening there is a common sentence ‘We should do this more often!’. So why don’t we? Why can’t we just fight free from the influence of our surrounding , take some moments to listen to our bodies  and minds and do what really makes us happy? This book, especially Eileen’s character, made me rethink my lifestyle. I often hated her for doing certain things, for being egoistic, for letting herself being influenced so easily and never seem to find satisfaction. But unfortunately I partly could find her thinking in my behavior. For almost three years now I’m working from 8 to 5, and I hated it from the first moment. I know that this is what we have to do, to become a part of society and to make a living. I know of the importance of a job. But I just don’t find myself being thankful for this opportunity. After closing time I find myself being too tired to go out for a run even though in the morning I told myself to do it and was excited. Even though I love cooking, on some days I can’t bring myself to do it and buy some crappy fast food instead, which definitely isn’t good for me. But still I do it. When I moved out from my parents’ I promised to call at least once a week. It sometimes seems to be a huge progress when I call twice a month. I see myself neglecting what’s really good for me and try to find comfort in material things which I earned for working hard. But in the end those things can’t make me happy. From this book I learned that we should stop letting our lives pass by and keep our eyes open for actions that really make us and our beloved ones happy. We don’t need a lot of money for reaching that goal, as best things in life come for free. Shielding from the ever existing influence can be hard but to find satisfaction we have to try ‘cause right now We Are Not Ourselves!  

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