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Contour (Shape of You Book 1)

Contour (Shape of You Book 1)

Erschienen am 23.01.2018
Dinner for One by Meg Harding (2016-07-13)

Dinner for One by Meg Harding (2016-07-13)

Erschienen am 01.01.1672

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Flat, too easy, kinda lacking
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Jamie aka FoxyRoxy is a Youtube sensation doing makeup tutorials and vlogging. He has a crush on the Instagram model Tyler. They start messaging and after a few weeks of talking, Tyler wants to meet up. Jamie doesn't do relationships and hides her fear of commitment behind contact lenses, colored hair and sass, but Tyler doesn't do casual. He very much wants Jamie, though. Both may have to compromise a little to have a chance.

I didn't have any real problems with the book, but somehow it was just not popping for me. It felt a bit flat, it was lacking... something.

It's not even that the characters where flat. No, I liked them both, Tyler more than Jamie, since I don't quiet connect with the relationship-phobic side of him. But I thought they where well written, they had depth, flaws, problems, secrets.

There wasn't much angst and drama either, which I usually prefer, but it just was all too...easy. Jamie apparently never slept with anyone twice before Tyler, and I thought he was making progress a little too fast, too smoothly. It felt the book builds on the idea of all that potential drama waiting to happen, and it never does.
They do a lot of couply vacation stuff together, which I usually enjoy, it just lacked impact here. I was missing some depth of feelings, I think, which I thought wasn't quite there.

Also, I would have loved a few more text-conversations from them, not just the conversations but also their reactions and thoughts to them.

The sex scenes where really well written and very hot, though.


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