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Love me in the Dark – Verbotene Sehnsucht

Love me in the Dark – Verbotene Sehnsucht

Erschienen am 20.08.2019
Easy Virtue

Easy Virtue

Erschienen am 02.12.2014
Arsen: a broken love story

Arsen: a broken love story

Erschienen am 28.10.2013
Love Me in the Dark

Love Me in the Dark

Erschienen am 09.05.2017

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Rezension zu "Love Me in the Dark" von Mia Asher

Nice little story
pieggyvor einem Jahr

3,25 Stars

This was my first book by Mia Asher and not my last.

I liked the writing style. The characters were great. Liked them.

This book is about fate, life and loosing and finding themselves. It´s about learning- learning what is important, learning selfworth, learning what you want and need, learning how to live again.

It´s about two people who thought they have it all- Love, happiness, a good life. But it all can change in an instant and those changes can destroy the person you are and leaves you lonely and broken.

The main characters of this book are: Valentina, William and Sébastien.

Valentina is a woman who loves with all her heart and thought William, her husband, feels the same way about her. She was happy until she caught William cheating on her. Trying to rekindle and to save the marriage, William wants to spend some time with his wife in Paris. The problem is: William couldn´t follow her to Paris because of work. Now stuck alone in Paris, Valentina uses the time to think about her marriage and how she wants to go on from there. Meeting the artist and also her neighbour Sébastien who, by the way, is veeeeery attractive, wasn´t in the plan.

Sébastien wouldn´t have thought that after all those years, after Poppy, he would be able to find a woman that would blow his mind. Seeing his new neighbour Valentina more and more awakens feelings in him he hadn´t felt in a very long time. He wants her, he needs her. And the more he gets to know her, the more he doesn´t care that she is a married woman.

After everything, William tries to give his wife space. But he has secrets. Secrets that would harm any marriage. Secrets that he won´t let affect his life- some of them at least. And now his grandma is blackmailing him and to get what he wants the most, he does what grandma wants. And that includes Valentina.

Are Valentina and William able to save their marriage? What will happen to Valentina and Sébastien? Will they find themselves? Are they able to live again? Can they heal each other? What secrets does William have and what happenes when the truth comes out? With which man will Valentina have her happy end?

Reading this book helps to find the answers ;)

My opinion:

It was a good book. I really loved the Eiffel Tower Aquarell "paintings" that were at the top of each chapter with the chapter title. Also the pictures of the little notes in between were cute.

I liked the characters. Sébastien is my fave. I loved his personality. The way he made Valentina blush. What he said. Some of the things he said and did made me smile. I love also that he´s an artist. As a designer i just love it when characters are doing some kind of art ;)

The developement of the characters were good too. Loved how Valentina found herself again. Found what she likes and what she wanted to do. The scene with the old man in the flower shop was adorable. I was just annoyed by her when she fell for Williams lie and left Paris. But I can understand why she did it in some ways.

William was a surprise. He seemed so awesome at first and then when his POV came... His secrets... his sister... I didn´t see it coming.

To me, the characters could have suffered a bit more. They were hurt but were so distant and a bit cold. Maybe for self protection but when for example Sébastien told Valentina about Poppy...I missed the emotions, the grief, him being broken. :/

The scene with William and Sébastien in the hotel...um...William leaving the room and not fighting for the things he wants...he was weak then. And he didn´t seem weak throughout the whole book. So this was strange.

The end was ok. I was missing a epilogue, though.

All in all: It was a nice story


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