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Human for Hire

Human for Hire

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Just stereotypical and flat.
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Noah works as a heat consultant, which basically means a whore for alpha werewolves to knot while in heat. He instantly has the hots for his new client Dean, going so far as to play nursemaid when he gets the werewolf flu.

Exceptionally mediocre is all I can say about this book.

Since I don't usually read shifter books I thought knotting sounds interesting, but the sex scenes feel kinda flat. Short, straightforwards and pretty stereotypical all around.

The whole relationship feels flat and there is no drama besides Noah agonizing over not being professional with Dean but not wanting to be either. Deans just an empty slate, neither the reader not Noah has any idea what's going on in there, since he barely talks. But the again, both MCs are just cardboard cutouts, there's no actual personality going on for them, not a reason why they are attracted to each other besides good looks and hot sex.

The whole book just felt like a collection of the most stereotypical tropes. It's not badly written, but it feels utterly cliche (and it's not even my kind of genre, so how would I even know that, if it where not so blatantly obvious).


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