Michael McClung The Thief Who Wasn't There (Amra Thetys)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Thief Who Wasn't There (Amra Thetys)“ von Michael McClung

Not quite as impactful as the other 3 books, but still a fun read. Holgren makes a sarcastic, funny narrator.

— Sakuko
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  • Nice, but the other book where better.

    The Thief Who Wasn't There (Amra Thetys)


    25. August 2017 um 18:33

    After Amra saved Bellarius from utter destruction she has also vanished. Holgren, now one-eyed, has exhausted all reasonable ways to get her back, but knows two things: She's alive, and she's not in the world. Therefore he goes on to try more unreasonable means to find Amra. But the forces now trying to gather control of Bellarius also see him as a player for power in their game, since he's taken the Archmage's tower and is not giving it up. I really liked Holgren as narrator, he's sarcastic and funny and I like his way of casually breaking the 4th wall. I didn't even miss Amra all that much (I know, bad fan I). Amras friends from the 3rd part make a reappearance, and I especially liked Keel, he's a nice, careful counterpoint to Holgren.There's lots of magic and fights and action. I enjoyed to learn more about the workings of mages, what they can do and how.About half-way through I got a bit annoyed, since the book seemed to keep focusing on irrelevant stuff, instead of just getting the actual objective done. And while I assume that stuff might be relevant for the next part of the story, it wasn't for this plot right here.Because of this, the end did feel quite rushed. I'd have rather read more of the hells and the eye instead of all that in-fighting in Bellarius. I thought the other books felt more... impactful. Harder decisions, harder fights, this one just kinda fell into place.I still liked it well enough and it was an enjoyable read, but the other 3 parts where just this much better.

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