Michael McDowell

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Autor von Cold Moon Over Babylon, Blackwater und weiteren Büchern.

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Cold Moon Over Babylon

Cold Moon Over Babylon

Erschienen am 25.09.1980
The Elementals

The Elementals

Erschienen am 17.06.2014


Erschienen am 03.03.2015

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Rezension zu "Cold Moon Over Babylon" von Michael McDowell

misspidervor 2 Jahren

In the recent past I repeatedly read about the author's work, so I finally decided to give him a try with this book and I was rewarded with a truly astounding over-the-top story. I was not aware that this story is a thriller rather than a horror story, but was quite satisfied to see how the author managed to create a deeply eerie atmosphere throughout the book that had me on edge the whole time.

The characters were expertly built, each one standing out in her/his very individual way without being exaggerated, but still perfectly believable and real all the time. There never was a dull moment or a situation where I did not agree with the way the story developed, and though the ending was quite spectacular and satisfying I was also sad to see that the book was already over.

For me, this was the perfect introduction to the author's work and definitely not his last book I've read. Highest recommendation!


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