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Inhaltsangabe zu "NATURE HITS BACK"

Sometime in the space of the galaxy, the tides turn. Nature makes a swift, unnoticed change and just like that, everything changes.

This fantastically ambitious first novel written by Michel F. Bolle, confirms his talent as an outstanding storyteller and entertainer.
Captivating from the first moment by adding surprising turnarounds and great characters, this story will definitely keep your attention until the end. “NATURE HITS BACK” is a Book that will make you think, long after you’ve finished reading.

This is the story of Alex, who one day recognises that a tree is growing in his swimming pool. Who would have thought that what started as being a surprising discovery will become a global problem? First plants, then animals start to take back what humans had taken from them in the past centuries. Alex experienced several happenings in his garden and around his house, and from the radio, he kept himself up to date with the news from all over the world. When everyone believed that the world would be lost, Alex might have some ideas on how to solve the problem.

But definitely, the world has changed forever…..

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