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Inhaltsangabe zu „THE ART OF SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP“ von Michel F. Bolle

EMPOWER THE LEADER IN YOU - LEARN HOW TO EMPOWER OTHERS! This book is not streamlined and tailored for business owners, sport executives, executives and corporate organizations alone. Rather, it is a book for everyone who comes in contact and interacts with people. It is for families, for friends. It is a book that has useful lessons for everyone with prac-tical answers to questions that intermittently arise. Leadership, defined as the capacity or ability to guide others to accomplish an objective, is a very complex role. Leading different people, each with their peculiar set of beliefs can be very complicated. Even more difficult is the task set for the person who is somehow assigned the re-sponsibility of bringing all of these divergent people under one common goal; lighting a fire in them and creating magic. The Art of Successful Leadership is a product of my successful leader-ship roles over the years. I’ve been there, I’ve led and I’ve conquered. These few words are my tears and sweat for years. I wrote it all down so that your own leadership journey can be faster and easier than mine was. If you choose this route, you will be a very successful and sought-after leader in a few years’ time. You can take my word for it! I have been around the block for a while, and I have worked with people from different spectra of life. With over 10 years’ experience as a consultant on team building, I have garnered lessons here and there and this is what I want to share with you.

Stöbern in Sachbuch

The Brain

Das Buch hat mich sehr bewegt, denn wir wissen immer noch wenig darüber, wie das Gehirn funktioniert und woher unser Ich-Gefühl kommt.


Warum wir es tun, wie wir es tun

Erfrischend anders!


Die Genies der Lüfte

Erstaunlich und wissenswert. Man lernt eine Menge dazu und sieht die Vogelwelt mit ganz neuen Augen.



Ein sehr gelungenes, sehr empfehlenswertes Buch über Schriftstellerinnen. Ein Must-have für alle schreibenden Frauen und alle Buchliebhaber!


Jane Austen. Eine Entdeckungsreise durch ihre Welt

Ein absolut geniales, wichtiges, empfehlenswertes, bezauberndes und verzauberndes, magisches und informatives Buch für alle Austen-Fans!


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