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Cover des Buches Take Your Pick: A gay menage a six sexual fantasy (ISBN: B013NW72RU)
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Silly and fan fictiony.
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Peter has been in love with his 5 best friends and house mates forever. One night they surprise him masturbating to a holiday tape of them all. He expects anger, if not being kicked out of the house, but they end up proposing a little game. Every one of them gets to play with Peter for one day.

This is not quite what I expected.
I thought this would be really porny, silly fun, considering the description, but it isn't. Well, it is kinda silly and not all bad, but the sex scenes are kinda short and very straight-forwardly written. They also pretty basic, nothing really out there or creative. A blowjob in the cinema and a spit roast are the most adventurous stuff that happens. I kinda expected wild, all day sex orgies and that is not what you get at all.

It also feels that the author was trying to play this one straight. It's trying to be romantic and emotional, which feels very wonky in this setup, especially since the story keeps changing. First he's in love with all 5, then just with 2 of them. Actually, I reads basically like fan fiction, now that I think about it.

I thought it was a nice filler, but not all that satisfying.

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