Mitch Albom by Mitch Albom Have a Little Faith, A True Story


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The new bestseller from the author of Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, a powerful tale that will delight Albom's huge readership. (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/23.08.2010')

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Ein wirklich tolles Buch, das mir das ein oder andere Reiseziel echt schmackhaft gemacht hat. Hat mir sehr gefallen :)



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  • You don’t have to be afraid, just believe…

    by Mitch Albom Have a Little Faith, A True Story


    19. March 2014 um 09:18

    Mitch Albom who has never really been deeply into religious faith gets the unexpected request from a reb to write his eulogy. Struggling with himself he doesn’t think he’s the right one for the job. He doesn’t even really know this man. But after a long time of deep thoughts and getting to know each other Mitch is fascinated by the reb and finds access to religion and faith. It’s even more…the men become true friends. But sooner or later the inevitable has to happen - the reason for Mitch to write the eulogy… On his journey through the unexplored field of faith Mitch also meets Henry. A once criminal, drug abusive man who more than once fell deeply into the abyss of scum but always found his way back to life after finding hope in his prayers to god. Finally gaining back his senses Henry founds the ‘I am my brother’s keeper’ church and begins to take care of people who spend their lives in the same fucked up bubble that he lived in for years. But nevertheless there is a punishment for each and every sin. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I wanna be honest with you! I have never really been into religion and I also never go to church or send prayers to the almighty watching over us. But I cannot assert that I do not have any faith at all. I mean, seriously, there is a point some things can no longer be declared by science and mankind is not able to understand those happenings. In those times I start to doubt that we are alone and haven’t sprung from the amniotic sac of our maker. But on the other hand there is so much cruelty in this world and it’s still getting worse because of our breed. Why would the most powerful being create a race that harmful for this beautiful planet? BUT what this book taught me is that you do not have to be afraid of anything when there is something in your life you truly believe in, you always can hold onto and each and every time you find comfort in. The reb in this book might sometimes seem, let’s say, a bit awkward because of his strong and somehow unfounded faith but he has never been afraid, even in his darkest hours. This reassurance he spread in his church and helped many people through times of despair. This selflessness is what made me like and marvel at him. The story of Henry, god’s fallen child, and his reincarnation is probably the best part of the book. And it proves again: if you honestly regret your sins and there’s no greater wish than making amends you deserve and presumably get a second chance. Of course the book had to end quite sad, I mean it’s about an eulogy, and perhaps, yeah maybe I cried just a tiny little tear… or a waterfall, but that is what makes the book so special and what I really loved about it. At the same time this story gives you hope and teaches you about real faith but still doesn’t lose the harsh side life comes with. Once again I am overwhelmed and deeply in love with Mitch Albom’s emotional writing style and the quintessence I took from this book. 5 stars - Huge recommendation!

  • Rezension zu "Have A Little Faith" von Mitch Albom

    by Mitch Albom Have a Little Faith, A True Story


    05. July 2011 um 01:51

    Was haben wir geheult schluchz

  • Rezension zu "by Mitch Albom Have a Little Faith, A True Story" von Mitch Albom

    by Mitch Albom Have a Little Faith, A True Story


    26. February 2010 um 08:49

    Mal wieder ein wunderschönes Werk von Mitch, einem der besten Schriftsteller überhaupt! Einfühlsam, aufwühlend, in die Tiefe gehend, einfach großartig. "Have a little faith" sollte jeder einmal gelesen haben!

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