Molly Synthia Sara's Arrival: First Orgasm at Carnivale (Molly Synthia's Carnivale)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Sara's Arrival: First Orgasm at Carnivale (Molly Synthia's Carnivale)“ von Molly Synthia

Sara has just relocated for her new job, and a package intended for the previous resident of her apartment sends her on a strange erotic journey. She can’t help but be interested. Can a perpetually sexually frustrated woman finally find fulfillment? Before the night is through, this lovely girl in her mid-twenties will visit the secret sex club known as Carnivale and have her very first orgasm. Warning: This ebook contains very graphic descriptions of sexual activity at a sex club/sex performance venue. It includes group sex and first lesbian sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by explicit depictions of sex acts between consenting adults. Here is a preview: When she stepped through, she had to suppress a gasp. She felt like she had walked into a circus tent, only instead of bleachers, there were tiers with small bar tables and large, comfortable looking chairs. Various men and women were seated on the tiers. Every woman wore a red dress and slippers just like Sara’s. The men wore red t-shirts and red drawstring pants. The man in the tuxedo led her to a chair on the second tier. “Would you like your usual drink, or would you prefer something different tonight?” “The usual will, uh, be fine.” The man nodded and disappeared. She looked around. There were men and women of all shapes from thin to fat on the tiers. She stared at them, wondering how they looked beneath their masks. The man returned and placed a large daiquiri on the bar table. She thanked him and sipped it. She could taste the rum, but the fruit was entirely new to her. “Which would you prefer tonight?” She looked up at him. “Um, prefer?” “I mean, man or woman?” Sara tried to find words, but she could only manage, “Um. You decide for me tonight.” “Very well.” The man disappeared again. She sipped her daiquiri and the room was suddenly plunged into pitch darkness. Just as Sara felt panic rising, a spotlight illuminated the center of the amphitheater-like room and she saw a woman, masked of course, dressed like a ringmaster, only a ringmaster with very little clothing. She had a hat and a brightly colored jacket. Outside of that, she wore a tiny red bra and tiny red panties. A red garter belt held up red stockings that traveled down to her feet, which stood in red stiletto heels. “Ladies and gentlemen,” the voice was deep and sultry. “Welcome to Carnivale.” Music began and lights flashed over the right side of the amphitheater, and Sara was amazed to see twenty or thirty men and women, all naked but for masks and all sucking, licking, or fucking someone.
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