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Inhaltsangabe zu „Reaching your goal“ von Monika Korber

Social entrepreneurs have helped millions of people in difficult phases of their lives to tackle challenges which they could not tackle on their own. This book takes a look at social entrepreneurship from the point of view of psychotherapy and economic culture. Interviews are held with Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace prize who promotes the concept of Social Business globally through his idea of micro credits, Bill Drayton, Alisa del Tufo, Earl Martin Phalen and others, all of them involved in constructive, positive projects. So what are the ingredients for their success? How did they manage to turn their vision into reality? Important is the fundamental belief that new things can develop and that support can be found. Further, trusting your own perception and intuition, never losing a sense of gratitude and being resilient (ESSE, elements of success of social entrepreneurs). The entrepreneurial spirit of these people helped them overcome many difficulties. Irrespective of whether they are involved in health care, the reduction of poverty and/or violence or in environmental protection, the focus of their work is always on early prevention, rather than on the treatment of symptoms. This book raises hope that together we can find solutions to the burning issues of our time by joining forces with each other and with those who have a vision and a will to make it happen.

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Ein wichtiges Buch.


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Ein Buch, dass lykkelig macht. Ich kann es euch nur ans Herz legen. Mir hat es sehr gefallen!


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„Mögen alle Ihre Rezepte gelingen!“ - wie könnte es anders sein, wenn man den Tipps von Werner Gruber folgt. Top!


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