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Hard Feelings

Hard Feelings

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Relationship from the wrong end down
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Rylan and Miller get stuck together in an elevator at a conference. Rylan is pretty pissed off at Miller, still they have a bout of really hot elevator sex.
But then Miller shows up a few month later, being Rylan's new coworker, and they even have to share an office. Things are awkward. After bitching at each other for weeks, they decide regular tension release is the only way to go forward and they become fuck buddies. But Rylan has a really bad track record of getting attached to casual flings...

This is exactly the kind of contemporary romance I enjoy best. Lovable main characters with some depth, a good cast of friends and family and a lot of couply everyday situations. Admittedly, they put the cart before the horse, but it still works.

Well, in the beginning, Rylan is a bit of an asshole. He gets all hung up about Miller falling asleep in his lecture (which, lets face it, will always happen to at least one person) and him forgetting his towel as if that where a personal affront. But I liked Rylan more and more as the book progressed, because he can be stubborn and awkward, but for the most part he's just giving as good as he get.
I always liked Miller, who's certainly a bit uncoordinated and quirky, but also an open, happy, honest guy.
And even though they called it hate-sex a few times, I always found Rylan was exaggerating, because while Miller annoyed him at time, it never felt like he actually hated him.

There's plenty of hot sex in the book, the two of them just have a great chemistry going and go at it like rabbits. But over time it gets replaced with more and more situations where the two of them just hang out and get involved with each others lives more. The book is really low on dramatic elements or angst. There are no complex plot lines, it's mostly slice of live stuff, which I do enjoy immensely, as I said. The families and friends are fleshed out nicely, and there is plenty going on in that regard to keep it interesting.

In the end I actually wanted to just hit Rylan and Miller with a clue-by-four. They just took so long to get their shit together, when it was so obvious what was going on. Rylan's cluelessness in reading people was kinda cute, but also made the last part a bit frustrating. That whole thing could have been a bit shorter for me.


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